How to allow plugin run on my Firefox 52 for my Foscam camera or NVR?

Firefox has just released new version 52.0, in this version it has disabled support for NPAPI plugin which Foscam and other manufactures are using.

With this update, Foscam plugin can no longer run properly.
But you can still setup Firefox following below steps to get your Foscam devices work again on Firefox 52.

Step1: Input about:config in Firefox address bar, hit enter

You’ll see warning message below, please click ‘I accept the risk’.

Step2: Right click and choose New,then Boolean


Please input name plugin.load_flash_only


Then click OK, choose false and click OK again.

Step3: Please restart Firefox and try again.

Note, with Firefox 53, the ability to restore NPAPI plugin support will be removed completely.
We suggest you use Internet Explore to access cameras for more stable experience and performance.